Friday, March 26, 2010

Recap of March Meeting

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday at our monthly meeting the following was determined upon:

1.) Since the road to the Ocoee is still closed we have decided to canoe the Buffalo River instead. This Trip will be April 10- 11th. We will leave the Commuter Parking Lot at 7am the morning of the 10th (a Saturday). We will arrive at the canoe base between 9:00 and 9:30. This will be a two day float and we will be tent camping on the river. Each person will need to pay $17.50 by Wednesday, March 31st. You can turn in money to Evan Myrick, Kate Hargrove or myself (Sarah Redding). If you need to write a check please make it out to the individual you wish to turn it in to. (this money will then be cashed and put towards canoe rentals) Other expenses for this trip will include what ever food you are going to bring to eat. (remember this is a 2 day, overnight trip on the river... be prepared, I will have a cooler that we can use). We will split gas money and carpool down there. People have already volunteered to carpool. As far as tents are concerned, many of the members have tents. This should be enough to provide for our outing. Some things you may want to consider for this trip:
the river is not equipped with "indoor plumbing" so be prepared for potty breaks "O'de natural". This includes packing you TP in a water proof baggy of some sort.
More than likely we will get wet, be it purposefully or not, it will happen. Bring spare shoes and or a change of clothes. You can let one set dry laid out on the canoe while you wear the other set. Bathing suits are recommended.
FOOD!! Very important, I don' wan to see a bunch of grouchy, wet, river rats hungry. That would just be an explosive situation. You know what you like to eat, bring it. As I mentioned above, I have a cooler available for those who need it.
We should be back from the trip Sunday afternoon (11th). It all really depends on how fast you paddle. So far we have 8 people going on this trip. If you missed the meeting and are interested in participating I MUST KNOW BY THIS MONDAY!!!! No exceptions. We have to reserve our canoes for the float so we have to get this finalized very quickly. Just shoot me an email if you can come and that will be enough. Please make arrangement to meet with one of us to pay for the trip. If there ends up being an odd number, I own a kayak that can bring down.

2.) A "secret primary" was held. This will be used to construct the ballot for or elections that will be held NEXT MEETING. If you are interested in running for an office and were unable to attend the meeting, please let me know as soon as possible. You must let me know now if you wish to run, to be on the ballot when it comes time for elections.

3.) general announcements were made concerning dues, membership to our parent organization, a project coming up next fall concerning Geocaching the Bryan Brown Greenway, Freshman Front was discussed for the Preview Day tomorrow, and we introduced our new website and facebook group. We also discussed upcoming volunteer/service learning opportunities, a calendar is included in the powerpoint.

All in all, this was a very productive meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for April 29th. Elections will be held, and hopefully we will have a guest speaker. Hope to see everyone then.

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